Founded in 2012 on the basis of a team and facility with over 50 years experience, PDM is a Midwest-based producer of structural prestressed, precast concrete, structural and miscellaneous steel products. With more than 60 years combined experience in the construction, manufacturing, and precast concrete industries, our team has the skills and expertise to help make your next project a success.

In 2019 PDM became a 100% employee-owned company. We believe that being an employee owned company is an outstanding benefit for our clients, employees and the community as a whole.

We are passionate about the work that we do and always strive to find creative solutions to the complex problems our clients face.


With our unique offering, PDM is able to be your single provider for your projects’ superstructure as we offer precast, steel, as well as erection. Our experienced team of employees will facilitate a decision on the best delivery method, whether it’s a complete bundle or a single FOB product always with the project’s best interest in mind.

We can fabricate everything from a single handrail to a 10,000-square-foot building and everything in between. Given the wide offering of PDM’s prestressed concrete and structural steel products, we’re sure to have the materials to get your job done. Our team of more than 120 employees will work with you to determine which of PDM’s 60 precast and 20 steel products will be the best fit.


Our production services are based in Des Moines, Iowa, which means our precast and metals services are perfect for builders located in Iowa, southern Minnesota, western Illinois, northern Missouri, northern Kansas, and eastern Nebraska. We welcome the opportunity to collaborate with traditional architectural precast producers to offer a complete range of products to our clients.


Our company believes in the power of giving back and the importance of supporting our local charities. Since our company’s founding we have been honored to work with a number of passionate community partners.