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As a 100% employee-owned company, our team shares in the success of our business. We are passionate about the work that we do and always strive to find creative solutions to the complex problems our clients face. We believe this leads to more dedicated and deeply engaged employees both at work and within our community.

Founded in 2012 on the foundation of a team and facility with over 50 years of experience, PDM is a Midwest-based PCI certified producer of structural prestressed/precast concrete and an AISC certified structural steel and miscellaneous steel fabricator. With extensive experience in design, construction and manufacturing industries, our team has the skills and expertise to help make any project a success.



Precast/prestressed concrete: architectural solid/insulated walls, structural solid/insulated wall panels, hollowcore, double tees, beams, and columns

Steel fabrication: structural columns/beams, steel stairs/railings, architectural steel, and miscellaneous steel components


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We foster long-term positive relationships with fellow employee-owners, external partners, and our communities.

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We consistently demonstrate a high level of personal accountability.

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We operate with a sense of urgency.

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We embrace growth and change.

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We create positive results on all our efforts.

OUR history

March 2012

First Day of Precast Production

PDM's first day of production as a PCI-certified producer with C3A and A1 certifications

July 2013

Precast Wall Panel Building Completed

The wall panel building is completed, allowing for PDM’s primary wall production to happen indoors

November 2013

Multipurpose Building Completed

A new multipurpose building at the precast plant replaces PDM’s temporary trailers with a fully air-conditioned locker room, restrooms, and breakroom

April 2014

First Project Completed

PDM launches steel capabilities and completes Graham Warehouse, its first project

July 2015

New Home for Steel Fabrication in Carlisle

PDM adds a facility in Carlisle, Iowa, which allows for expanded structural and miscellaneous steel fabrication

May 2016

14-foot Precast Wall Panel Bed Added

PDM installs a new 14-foot seamless wall panel bed at the precast production plant, allowing production of wider pieces with no pocket seams

September 2016

AISC Certification

PDM becomes an AISC-certified steel fabrication facility

June 2017

Headquarters Move to Market District

PDM moves main offices to the Market District in Des Moines

May 2018

New Precast Batch Plant

PDM upgrades precast production with a new batch plant with indoor temperature and moisture-controlled aggregates and 2x3-yard mixers

July 2019

PDM announces ESOP

PDM believes being an employee-owned company is an outstanding benefit to the company and clients

March 2020

Steel Fabrication Expansion

PDM expands its steel fabrication services with a new state-of-the-art Carlisle facility

April 2022

Precast Facility Expansion

PDM breaks ground on new employee, woodshop, and production spaces

March 2022

PDM Celebrates 10th Anniversary

PDM celebrates ten years in business

January 2023

PDM Adds Glass Capabilities

PDM adds glass and glazing to products and services

August 2023

New Glass Fabrication Shop Opens

PDM expands Carlisle facility to include glass and glazing fabrication shop

May 2024

New Hollowcore Production Facility

PDM completes Carlisle expansion, relocating hollowcore production to new 50’ x 540’ facility with two 400’ long hollowcore beds

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